Sunday, December 8, 2013

Here's Why It's A Good Idea To Only Move Every 20 Years...

My preoccupation for pop culture has taken a back seat these past couple weeks for a more urgent calling: packing up my life in NYC for the move to Hampton Roads, Va. The clock is suddenly ticking at warp speed, with the relocation looming a mere six weeks or so away.

I've become a neighborhood box whore... Every time I circle my Brooklyn Heights nabe to walk Abby & Spencer, I'm on the lookout for BOXES, baby. With a long-distance move of some 400+ miles costing upwards of $4,000, I save a couple bucks with every box I pack myself...

Remember, we're talking about the prudent gent who still picks up pennies on the street. Every buckaroo counts, especially when I'm facing some pretty major restoration projects once I reach my new lake-front paradise in Norfolk, Va.

Here's a comparison of my apartment in September, when it was in pristine condition for Open Houses, versus it current state... Googa mooga, almighty, step by step, box by box. *




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