Monday, November 26, 2012

You Gotta Have Friends: Trix Moose

On Monday, friend excursion 2.0, as I met Trix Moose, son Jack and sis Chris for the traditional Ruby Tuesday outing—always a highlight, since a kickin' salad bar just ain't to be had in NYC. Didn't hurt a bit that our waiter Eric was a fetching fellow.

After din din, I was invited to join Trix and Jack—who has suddenly evolved into a high school senior and a handsome 17 year old (I remember when the critter was a roly-poly 9 year old) at their home to decorate the Christmas tree!

That was a spectacular event for meese, since I no longer fix up my apartment in Brooklyn Heights. Now that I'm a bachelor, it's just not the same to decorate for the holidays for the sake of Abby & Spencer. They'd probably view the tree as a relief post, anyway.

A lovely family holiday celebration, as good as any of the seasonal Hallmark Channel flicks I watched over the past week with my mama. *
Trix and Jack live beside a Methodist church, which, with a full moon above, created occasion for some wonderfully dramatic spooky picolas, below...

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