Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Return Of Aussie Chanteusse Delta Goodrem

Delta, Delta, oh sweet Delta, at last you have returned! Among my handful of favorite contemporary female vocalists, Aussie Delta Goodrem remains among the most gifted singers & songwriters in the world. That would be the entire big bad universe, cool cats.

While her attempt with Sony Music at U.S. success was perhaps ill-timed in the middle of the previous decade—in the midst of hip hop's endless reign on the American pop charts, thankfully, a decade after conquering the charts, she continues to be one of Australia's most consistent and popular pop acts.

In 2003, Delta scored my No. 1 song of the year, "Born To Try," while her album "Innocent Eyes" topped my album list. She was also my Best New Artist for the year... In all, she has charted with nearly 20 songs on the Taylor Top 40 over the past decade or so... In addition, I hosted her when I was working for Billboard magazine as a Cafe artist and interviewed her for billboard.com.

Over the course of those several years, I lunched with her in NYC, attended an intimate birthday party, saw every U.S. performance she made in New York... and fell completely in love with a sweet, gorgeous, talented, smart lady.

Her new album "Child of the Universe" is just penetrating my playlist (thanks, Markie!). At first listen it appears she is in fine form, with a posse of strong, melodic, anthemic tracks. I can't wait to dig in deep.

While American radio may continue to believe that Nicki Minaj is worthy of fame & fortune (thank god she was deservedly snubbed in this year's Grammy nominations), it's comforting to know that true talent continues to reign, if on the other side of the world. Aaaah, yes! *

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