Thursday, January 29, 2009

NYC, 1986

I'm guessing that it was around 1986 when Laura and I ventured from Washington to New York for an adventure in what was then a pretty dark city. We stayed at the Milford Plaza on 8th Avenue just a block away from a very seedy Times Square. We were frightened in such a magically delicious way, taking refuge at Fluffy Donuts on Seventh Avenue, which miraculously still exists today—though I couldn't tell you where, had I not just looked it up.Laura was very much into black & white photography and took this pic of me in the hotel room. I snapped her on the bed in our tiny little mirrored room.And she took this extraordinary photo of the Howard Johnson's restaurant in the heart of Times Square, which sadly, is gone now, though it was still around when I moved to NYC in the mid-1990s.