Thursday, December 2, 2010

America Ready For Christmas Decor NOW

A national study reveals that Americans are more "tolerant" of elaborate (read: gawdy) Christmas decorations early in the season, compared to 2007-2009.

Shown the house to the right, respondents were jacked up about the flash and decor, saying they feel a positive reaction.

“I believe the increase in positive sentiment toward Christmas decorations is an indication that Americans are tired of the doom and gloom of the economy, and are looking for something positive to focus on during this holiday season,” says Glenn Kessler, president and CEO HCD Research. You can say that again.

Results of the study indicate that 58% would want the decorated house in their nabe, compared to 45% in 2009, while 57% say the house improves the neighborhood, compared to 2009's 40%. As I've already stated, count me in. I could use a lot of Christmas, now.