Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inept Mommy Sues McD's To Do Her Job

Lord have mercy, here we go again! How dare parents be expected to say "no" to their precious children or to make responsible choices for them, when we can sue everybody's personal freedoms away!

Another inept busybody mommy has sued McDonald's to stop including toys with its Happy Meals. Her bitch: McD's is engaged in a "highly sophisticated scheme to use the bait of toys to exploit children's developmental immaturity and subvert parental authority," according to the crackpot Center for Science in the Public Interest, which is also involved in the class action lawsuit.

Heaven forbid parents feed their kids apples and steer clear of McDonald's. Which is why the grinch mom of two daughters, Monet Parham, of Sacramento, Calif., has decided that "what kids see as a fun toy, I now realize is a sophisticated, high-tech marketing scheme that's designed to put McDonald's between me and my daughters. I want McDonald's to stop interfering with my family."

And it gets better. Parham says that, waaaah, she tries to steer clear of McD's, but her kids "become disagreeable and pout." The idiot adds, “Because of McDonald’s marketing, (my daughter) has pestered (me) into purchasing Happy Meals, spending money on a product I would not otherwise have purchased. I object that McDonald’s is getting into my kids’ heads without my permission.” Hahaha!

Can you believe this shit? And there are judges that think gays are unfit parents??

Incidentally, McDonald's Happy Meals are available with apples instead of fries, and milk instead of soda. I would like to suggest that Monet tell her kids to shut the fuck up, shove peas in front of them and leave the rest of us alone.

The best part of the story: After the mainstream press covered the surface story, bloggers uncovered that this woman is hardly a "typical mom." She is employed by a California agency that advocates vegetables. So the lawsuit is frivolous propaganda—a "highly sophisticated scheme," indeed.

Fortunately, McDonald's has responded that it intends to vigorously defend its brand, reputation and food: "We stand on our 30-year track record of providing a fun experience for kids and families." Good for them. Only in America, cool cats...