Sunday, December 5, 2010

Seasonal Saturday Night

The city was bustling and shimmering like a giant cosmopolitan Christmas decoration, as Leo and I gamboled up and down and across Manhattan Saturday night like we were 20-somethings. First stop: elegant old-timey stand-by Townhouse bar on the East Side.Two Absolut tangerine's with a twist and onward ho...
I have my issues with Mayor Bloomberg, but his billionaire business headquarters at 59th and Third Avenue knows how to display the holiday spirit n grandiose style. The beautiful tree must stand 50 feet tall, reflecting on all sides of the round glass courtyard.Perspective: Leo standing in front of the tree. Huuuge!After attempting to catch a cab for 20 minutes, we finally surrendered and boarded a crosstown bus, heading west...Beautiful window display along 19th Street between 7th and 8th avenues... The model mannequins are flanked by black silhouettes in front."I purchased these lights for my house here," Leo points out.Next destination: G Lounge for more cocktails and frivolity... as Ayhan joins Leo and meese.I'll drink to us!Din din at fab Elmo right around the corner in the Chelsea nabe.And a fine time was had by all.