Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sheena Easton: Sign Of The Times

When we met the beautiful, massively talented Sheena Easton in 1981, she was pure as snow, if not a knock-off of Marie Osmond—and her hits were as innocent, a la "Morning Train" and "Modern Girl."

By 1984, she had evolved to a more progressive dance/pop sound with such hits as "Strut" and "Sugar Walls," along with a curly stacked coiffure that took on a decidedly more '80s demeanor.But that was nothing compared to what arrived in 1986, when she mortified fans with an honest-to-god rat tail and spikes for days. She kept the look throughout the duration of her album "Do You," which offered the most unfortunate cover photo of her career, along with the rat-tail in tow for the title track "Do It for Love" music video and follow-up singles "Magic Of Love" and "Jimmy Mack." But, ah, it was the glorious '80s. All is forgiven, girl.
Fortunately, by 1989, Sheena would again transition, this time into one helluva sexy siren for her album "The Lover In Me," which delivered her second-biggest hit to the chart-topping "Morning Train," in the No. 2 title track, whose video showed us the hot new version of Sheena. From that album, "101" also topped the dance chart and "Days Like This" was a top 10 R&B smash. Hot!