Sunday, August 12, 2012

Battle Of The Bulge Becomes Mainstream News At 2012 Olympics

The 2012 Olympics have brought the battle of the bulge into the mainstream, where the general press has taken over for we the gay bloggers of the universe. As if Henrik Rummel's boner-bearing wardrobe malfunction wasn't enough of a viral Internet sensation (in blue, with flowers above), the athletic men of London have become pure objects of lust, far beyond the gay blogosphere. I say welcome to the club, mainstream cool cats! The ultimate (sad, sad) irony, mind you is that the greatest swimmer in the world, Michael Phelps, not only registers a big fat zero on the hottie scoreboard with his unfortunate horse face, but... there seems to be next to nothing going on downstairs. All those medals and no metal. Poor boy. *Above, Aussie rowers, revealing their oars.Three below: Blogs are going NUTS for USA swimmer Tony Dumais' goodies.The pic below of Brit Olympic diver Tom Daley has become the most popular crotch shot on the webbie. It's absolutely everywhere. Easy enough to see why.

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