Friday, August 24, 2012


Celine Dion has become a topless Las Vegas showgirl! The 44-year-old's first non-promotional photo shoot in six years for V magazine is definitely out of character. Or so it seems...

"I’m like this in my real life," Dion tells the chic pub. "Usually there’s always a reason when I do a photo shoot, there’s not the opportunity to go crazy. In the house, in my normal life, we are always playing. It doesn’t seem this way on stage, but I’m playing a lot."

She also sang praises to Adele during the shoot taken at her Florida home with photographer Sebastian Faena. "I think her whole image is very good. The way that she is will definitely help the new generation of girls accept themselves."

Celine adds that Adele has the potential to bring change to the risks of show biz: "I have always been scared of the industry. I was just in shock when Whitney's life had been taken because of drugs. It's a big loss for all of us."

And she credits her success to maintaining the same person on and offstage: "I've been an open book all my life, and I think that's why people like me. For me to tell someone that my husband had cancer, that we were struggling to have kids or whatever we've gone through, talking about my life lets people know the real me. I've been criticized for it, but I'm not forcing myself to be the person that you see."

 I say Celine looks damn good in the risque shoot! And as always, the legs, the legs! The V Travel Issue hits newsstands August 30. *Publicity gone wild! Love it.