Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Louis Vuitton Waste$ A Million Trying To Make Michael Phelps Sexy

Michael Phelps sitting "seductively" sprawled in a bathtub... for the first timing ever showing off what bulge there is to be had... with his Louis Vuitton tote casually sitting gently beside him... Sorry, no dice.

Perhaps if the world's greatest ever in the whole universe athlete were appearing in ads for sugar cubes or horse-grooming products, I'd be convinced.

But trying to sex up one of the more unattractive men alive ain't working no way, no how. Phelps should stick to the Wheaties box. Pawning real-life high-end products is as convincing as Miss Piggy selling a Mercedes Benz (and not that altogether different come to think of it... Pig, horse... farmyard...). *