Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mariah Carey's 'Triumphant' Flop: Single Fails To Chart Inside Top 100

On August 8, The Smoking Nun wrote about Mariah Carey's new single, saying her "creaky, hip-hop infused 'Triumphant' is anything but." It's apparent that Mimi still thinks listeners are in the 1990s, because the song is so hijacked by rap that she's a mere afterthought in her own song.

Apparently, we were not alone. "Triumphant" is a bona fide floperoo, selling a mere 23,000 digital downloads, which gave it a debut on the singles chart at No. 115... actually outside of the Billboard Hot 100. The single droppped out of the U.S. iTunes Top Ten in less than three days after its August 3 release, and has since dropped from the iTunes Top 200 altogether.

So much for that mess... I wonder if she has already recorded the majority of her 14th studio album, due for release in 2013—or whether there's still time for Mariah to actually make some music. Honey-pie, we tried to tell you: Hip-hop is yesterday's news. *