Sunday, August 26, 2012

Even The G.O.P. Loathes Romney: Charlie Crist Endorses Obama

When even members of the Republican party back away from support of contender Mitt Romney, you know this guy is the ultimate loser. Former Florida Republican Governor Charlie Crist has come out with a strong endorsement for Barack Obama. In an opinion piece for the Tampa Bay Times, he speaks out in favor of the current President, as Gawker reports.

"I'm confident President Barack Obama is the right leader for our state and the nation," Crist writes. "I applaud and share his vision of a future built by a strong and confident middle class in an economy that gives us the opportunity to reap prosperity through hard work and personal responsibility. It is a vision of the future proven right by our history."

Crist currently has no party affiliation, after shaking his hands clean of the Republican party in 2010. He acknowledges that the current party "has failed to demonstrate the kind of leadership or seriousness voters deserve."

With a G.O.P. platform that continues to pitch so far to the extreme right on issues essential to women, immigrants, seniors, students and gays, I'm amazed anyone in the United States truly believes Romney is going to set the economy straight and continue to move social issues into the 21st Century. Hmm, I suppose that just leaves embittered old white guys, right? *