Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Beatles: Why?

A request, please. Can anybody kindly explain why The Beatles Rockband is of interest to the mass market? Let's see, Beatles fans are in their 50s+ now. Video games appeal to the kids of 35-year-olds. What's the connect here?

Oh, wait, if you're about to tell me about the timeless nature of The Beatles' music, let me lean over the edge of the toilet bowl now. Here we go again. This hapless rockabilly group was shaped into the Backstreet Boys of the day by (genius) muse George Martin, who molded them into a pop sensation—the day's Lou Pearlman, perhaps, except without the pedophile leanings. Their songs were momentous in their time, and they changed the face of top 40 in the early 1960s, around the world... as did 'N Sync 30 years later. And Hanson. And Britney and Christina and every other youth act that followed. Okay, so The Beatles wrote their songs; so they have catalog, the only real discernible difference I see. And yet they continue to be regarded as some sort of immortal presence.

I'm old. I was there toward the middle and at the end of their reign. I didn't get it then. I understand it even less now.