Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let The Decade Lists Begin

Advertising Age offers a list of the top 10 most influential Web sites of the decade... Isn't it amazing to realize that this is the first decade where such a list might even exist? I remember 1995-1996, when email and the Internet first arrived in the workplace. Now, like Viagra, who can imagine life without it (wait, did I say that out loud?).

You can read the full article for yourself, but here's the top 10: 1) Google 2) Yahoo 3) Facebook 4) Youtube 5) Amazon 6) Wikipedia 7) Gawker 8) Drudge Report 9) Hulu 10) NYTimes.

The top six are aces, but I have to question the bottom four, which seem significantly less historic (admittedly, except for the dreadful Drudge, the other nine are bookmarked on my laptop). But what about craigslist? Myspace (in its day)? Politico (which was essential reading during Bush's heyday and Obama's election)? Huffington Post (for changing the very model of popular journalism, for better or worse)? Expedia/Travelocity/orbitz/Kayak for revolutionizing travel? The Smoking Nun for the ultimate entertainment fix? celinedionforum for all the news about the greatest singer ever? And, of course, justbeautifulmen, just cause...