Saturday, December 26, 2009

The No. 1 Songs Of The Decade

Mighty mooses, let us continue with our delicious top 10 lists... I must admit, it took me a moment to realize that not only were we counting down the year passsssed, but the damn decade. Oh, really, I'd rather not; I loathe the idea of attempting any sort of clever connect over the course of 10 years... however, it just so happens that I have at the ready my No. 1 songs of each year, 2000 to 2008 (aha, you will have to wait another moment or two for the top 20 of 2009), mind you, collected in their given moment instead of any heinous collection of "best of's" hastily collected after the fact (meaning now).

2000: “My Love,” Westlife

2001: “What’s It Gonna Be,” Jessica Simpson

2002: “A New Day Has Come,” Celine Dion

2003: “Born To Try,” Delta Goodrem

2004: “You & I,” Celine Dion

2005: “It’s Over,” Jon Secada

2006: “Cars,” Naomi Striemer

2007: “The Reason I Go On,” Celine Dion

2008: “Run,” Leona Lewis (featuring Snow Patrol)