Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brittany Murphy: "The Ramen Girl"

Watched a cute if perplexing movie last night: "The Ramen Girl," starring Brittany Murphy. All that I adore about the late actress shines in her role as Abby, and she does a fine job with an odd story... She moves to Tokyo to be with her boyfriend, who promptly ditches her. And she stays—to learn the art of becoming a Ramen chef—from one of the meanest dicks one could ever imagine working for. He makes fun of her, smacks her upside the head, berates her, makes her scrub some pretty vile terlets... but our girl Abby refuses to give up. I don't know why.

This is one of the few Murphy movies I hadn't seen, and in fact, had never heard of it until I searched around on Netflix. I think I now understand why it fell below the radar. Also never caught "Eight Mile," which is among her most acclaimed roles. Unfortunately, I just can't bare spending 90 minutes of my life looking at Eminem, star of stage, screen... and my worst nightmares. Maybe some insomniac-laden post-2 a.m. misery-filled night when things can't seem any worse... I'll challenge myself.

God bless Brittany Murphy. Her death is still affecting me.