Thursday, September 6, 2012

Brit Singer/Songwriter Beatie Wolfe @ LES' Fontana's

I joined pal Jeff Kilgour Wednesday evening at coolio tavern/club Fontana's on Manhattan's Lower East Side in the heart of Chinatown for the acoustic solo solace of Brit singer/songwriter Beatie Wolfe, who is embarking on an NYC residency at the joint for the next few weeks.

Beautiful girl, lovely voice, some haunting melodies, but I came away wondering what any of her lyrics were trying to say.

On her webbie, Wolfe insists, "I'm fascinated by the poetry of human relationships, which makes my songwriting passionate, emotional and very intimate. I really have to feel and believe in what I'm writing and singing about." I'm happy she believes that, but for the audience, it simply didn't come across. There are times when talent needs to lend itself to collaboration in order to allow the gifts to shine through. Case in point. *