Friday, September 28, 2012

Matt Zarley's Best Single Ever: 'Change Begins With Me'

At last! The song I've been waiting for: The fourth single from my sweet, adorable, hunky pal Matt Zarley's current album Change Begins With Me is the beautiful power ballad title track. Written by Zarley, Andy Zulla, & Chris Curtis, and produced by Matt's long-time collaborator, the Grammy-winning Zulla, “Change Begins With Me” is a wildly intense declaration of self acceptance, responsibility and ultimately, forgiveness.

Matt sings, "I can see it now, it's all so clear, all my answers were always here/I've turned a new page, I can see it now... If I want my life to change, the change begins with me."

And I tell you what. A year ago, when I first heard this soaring anthem, it stood by my side time and again as I weathered my own divorce. Watching the video for the first time last night, I couldn't help but tear up again. Every time that thunderous bridge and final chorus start scraping the clouds, I feel the chills coming on. And I feel change, brothers and sisters.

In the video clip below, Zarley invited fans to become part of the message. Over the past few months, dozens submitted home movies with messages of change, which are featured in the clip's finale. The vid was directed by Robert Bottoms and also features the Broadway Inspirational Voices singing the requisite gospel background chorus.

Want to know more? Check out Matt's webbie or The Smoking Nun archives! Now, sit back and prepare to swoon. Celine, girl, are you listening? You can also access the video directly on YouTube.