Monday, September 3, 2012

Lynchburg: That's What Friends Are For

Time was oh so precious during my visit home to Lynchburg, Va. So many folks I'd have liked to see, but I decided on lockdown with the parents during this trip... Time is precious. I did manage to break away to see Trixmoose & family... and Donna Mae Moose...Jack, Trixmoose and meese, at their Madison Heights "Riva House."Jack, Meese, Trixmoose and Chris at delectable Downtown Lynchburg eatery Robin Alexander.Trix and family at the Riva House, where we sat by the James River, watched the sunset and ooh-la-la'd over the full moon.Take two's.Donna Mae Moose and meese after an awesome "healthy" lunch, some shopping and coffee & conversation at the Timberlake Road Starbucks.