Friday, September 7, 2012

Celine Dion Releases (Gorgeous) Music Vid For 'Parler à mon père'

Better late than never? Celine Dion has released a beautifully ethereal music video for the first French single "Parler à mon père," from her upcoming album, due this fall. English-language album "Water And A Flame" is also due in 4Q 2012.

While the video isn't available on YouTube in the U.S., and offers no stateside links (WTF?), you can see it at here. Here's a wicked trivia factoid: According to the minions on Celine Dion Channel Forum, the shots of Celine from a distance are actually a body double! According to rumors, she only appears in the face shots. How weird is that?! And... oddly, inexplicably, Celine's vocal appears to be out of sync with the images. I can't explain how that could happen in a music vid from Sony, but nonetheless, it's gratifying that Celine invested the time to make a video at all...

To be honest, I was pretty non-plussed by "Parler" upon first listen. This is one of those occasions where the song is made stronger with compelling imagery. In only three days, the video is No. 1 on iTunes in France, No. 1 in Italy & No. 4 in China. *