Monday, January 11, 2010

Bound For Turkey

Heading to the great nation of Turkey on Tuesday for the next six days. Ayhan has been there since Wednesday, visiting friends and family in his home of Ankara. I head out at 4:15 p.m., fly direct for, yikes, 10 hours, and land in Istanbul Wednesday morning (attention would-be burglars: sorry, but Kirby's godparents Patrick & Tina will be staying in Brooklyn during my absence). Then I take a shuttle flight to Istanbul, followed by two days with Ayhan in Ankara.

On Thursday at midnight, we take an overnight bus through the mountains, that will deliver us back to Istanbul for a long weekend. We're staying in a beautiful, quaint boutique hotel we discovered in November 2007, where we actually had our Thanksgiving dinner: Kybele Hotel, in the old city, near Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar.

With temps barely cracking the 30s for the past week in NYC, I can't wait to get away. Stand by for the first crop of 2010 destination picolas.