Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ankara Wednesday: Day 1

Wednesday... After traveling from NYC to Istanbul to Ankara, I hit the ground running. Ayhan had already been at home in Turkey for a week, so was rested and re-jiggered to the time zone. On the other hand, I had not slept on the plane, and ultimately, would be awake for 33 hours—and still speaking in complete sentences at the end. Below, two Turkish hotties at JFK, a sign of good things to come.During family time with Ayhan and his mamer Gulserin and nephew Ozgur, I saw my favorite Turkish talk host Nukhet Duru, who has been famous here since 1975. She sings, cooks and talks with guests, simultaneously. Love this lady... as does her plastic surgeon.Next, we headed to have dinner with Ayhan's cousin Ceren and her husband Bulent. Last time I was in Turkey, in November 2007, we went to their wedding. She's adorable—reminds me of a younger version of my dearest Francie—and together, they are fine, awfully fun folks. We talked about much of everything, from movies to sex to your mama's bald head. Great, loose, conversation-packed eve.Then, back to Ayhan's mamer's apartment...At long, long last, 33+ hours... sleep.