Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State Of The Union

Granted, President Obama's State of the Union speech at 9 p.m. tonight is at the same time as a "Biography" on Andy Griffith and a rerun of "Touched By An Angel," but I'm interested to see if the big guy offers any semblance of hope to his crumbling country.

At this point, I don't give a damn about the public healthcare initiative—time to realize that's not going to be his great legacy, now that Republicans have regained their stronghold—and if he even mentions "green" efforts, I'm going to burst into flames.

I want to hear about jobs, baby. How he intends to deal with 2009's 4.1 million job losses—the highest on record. Explain to me how a $787 billion stimulus package failed to move the needle on 10% unemployment in this country. Thank you, Mr. President, for extending my unemployment benefits for 14 weeks, truly, but why the fuck are they taxed (again)? I'd rather being working, sir.

And I won't even mention the broken promises about "Don't Ask Don't Tell," and how he was all good and gay-friendly as long as we were contributing to his campaign and signing up voters—but now he hasn't a word to say as state after state condemns civil rights...

Talk to me, Mr. President. At this point, I have more faith in Andy Griffith.