Monday, January 4, 2010

Charles' Christmas... A Handful O'Years Ago

Pardon my tardiness, but I just came across this... Christmas 1968, at grandmother Evelyn's house in Lynchburg, Va. That's me on the left, brother Chris on right, and mamer Evelyn behind. Hey, get it? My grandmother named her daughter after herself... my mother, who's about 5'9", was "Little Evelyn," while her mamer, about 5'2", was "Big Evelyn." I'd suggest it's a sou-ther-en thing, but I'm considering the Beales of Grey Gardens... Big Edie and Little Edie... they were Yankees. Pause... reflect...

Don't remember the moment here, but I certainly recall spending childhood Christmas afternoons at the grandparent's house... they had a silver aluminum Christmas tree. How fucking fabulous. Is it any wonder their grandson turned out to be a gay?