Sunday, April 11, 2010

All About Brooklyn

An idyllic weekend with Donna Mae Moose, all about Brooklyn. Saturday: painting day at the homestead, to correct last April's misfire with a new steel gray hue in the living room, which turned out closer to an annoying sky blue. Spent a year hating it, so one of our primary 2010 weekend missions was renewing it to a fresh, creamy yellow. Last time it took three days; this go-round, 8 hours. L-o-v-e.Time out for shopping. Mae found a pair of Mickey/Minnie shoes—her cartoon idols—hand-painted in China. Nothing but the best!Sunday brunch on Smith Street in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill at adorable Cafe Luluc. Donna had a sea turtle & mink omelet, I had the eggs minced with American Eagle. So good! (C'mon, kidding.)Next stop: Brooklyn Industries, for Mae to purchase BK swag... in fact, the very same shirt she's admired on Ayhan's handsome chest.Ten minutes later, checked off an item on Mae Moose's To Do list: the MTA Transit Museum here in Brooklyn Heights, an actual former NYC subway station where cars from 1904 to the recently retired are displayed, along with a tour of how tunnels were dug and much history of the world's most comprehensive public transit system.

We happened to time it perfectly, walking in at 12:30 p.m, right as a public tour was beginning. Our guide Charles shared more information than I've ever known in five previous visits to the Museum.Above, the most famous train among the collection: an original from the first days, a la 1904.Above, Donna and I revisit our high school days, on the 1904 train.Hee, goddamn I'm fucking funny.Moose is taking no prisoners. Just try to jaywalk; this bitch will take you down.