Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome To Mayor Bloomberg's 2010 NYC

New York closet-queen Mayor Mike Bloomberg's $85.2 million bid to buy a third term as dictator of the nation's largest city was certainly a farcical power play at the time, and now, his two haughtiest campaign platforms—to protect the common people from the failing economy and ward off MTA hikes & fading service, have proved themselves transparent lies just six months into his dominance.

The MTA is in shambles... no news there... but a walking tour today of Brooklyn's Clinton Hill, one of the less prevalent nabes in the borough, lent credence to Bloomberg's focus on rewarding those contractors lining his pockets with lucrative bids to build up chosen areas, while allowing less desirable regions to fall into utter decay. I wonder if Bloomie has ever heard of Clinton Hill, much less ventured through it in his stretch limo. For shame.