Sunday, April 4, 2010

Celion Dion's New Men's Fragrance

After conquering the women's fragrance marketplace with 13 successful fragrances, Celine Dion is prepared to gamble on the equally lucrative men's arena with her upcoming "Vegas Dice." The announcement was released April 1.

The new fragrance from Celine Dion Parfums is masculine, intense and yet light. Dion commented, "It's my world in a bottle: colorful, charismatic, stylish and addictive. Just like Las Vegas feels." She added with a laugh, "With so many of my fans being gay, this is the perfect way for them to wear a part of Celine, without breaking their ankles from my Jimmy Choo's!"

The bottle offers heavy glass construction with a sparkling cap, which is elegant and looks like a jewel, a perfect display in the bedroom or bathroom. Celine Dion's "Vegas Dice" will arrive in stores the day after hell freezes over. April Fool's! (Sorry, a little late on the draw here.)(Courtesy of a clever cool cat at