Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friday Frolic

This is what I'm talking about, cool cats. Friday p.m. was loaded with more stops than an uptown subway train, let me tell you. At 5 p.m. Donna Mae Moose, visiting from Lynchburg, Va., and I made our way to Manhattan's East Village for shopping along St. Marks Place before meeting my peeps for happy hour at St. Dymphna's between 1st Avenue and Avenue A. Sweet spot and yet another new destination for our bi-weekly meet.Onward at 7:15, taking a crosstown bus westward to the hip Maritime Hotel to see Turkish superstar Sertab Erener and her guitar-toting man Demir Demirkan at the Hiro Ballroom. Lots of industry allies present, including Janet Castiel and Patti Conte, who promptly escorted Donna and meese to front-row seating. Yee-haw.Sertab & Demir recently returned to the States after working on her new Turkish album in Istanbul (where Ayhan and I visited with them in January), making concert stops in Chicago, Washington and Ann Arbor, Mich., before closing their mini-tour in New York. This time, the whole show was in Turkish, to the delight of their sizable fan base here—which sang along to song after song, as Donna and I soaked up her massive talent, phenomenal voice and great melodies, in addition to the wicked musicianship of Demir and the full band.Sertab premiered the new English version of "Ask," my favorite among her Turkish repertoire, called "Love." Clip below!Following the gig—as Ayhan raced across town from Times Square—Donna Mae and I squeezed into the tiny basement at Hiro for a meet and greet with our pals...Mae and I exited the venue, right as Ayhan arrived in a taxi, and we all managed to race back inside, so that he could give Sertab and Demir a squeeze... Score! Next, with the weather chilly but pleasant enough for walking, we ventured a few blocks northeast to Chelsea's ever-hot G Lounge for liquid refreshment.
After getting our fill, we hailed a cab home to Brooklyn Heights......Where the notion of post-midnight sustenance was too potent to ignore. Well, I'll be damned; there's the Park Plaza Restaurant just steps away. Thank heavens for 24-hour diners.2:20 a.m., already? Zzzzzz.