Thursday, April 8, 2010

High School Reunion!

God bless Facebook. Visiting pal Donna Mae Moose and I both recently connected with Suzzette Straub, an acquaintance from E.C. Glass High School in our hometown of Lynchburg, Va., as we have with many past classmates. In fact, later this year, I'll return home for a decade celebration with my own class... made so much easier through FB, where dates were announced, along with regular communication with so many folks I knew from kindergarten all the way through grade 12.

After so much time, it matters little that we were friends in the third grade and traveled in different groups from that point on; or that I only had English with youse in the seventh grade... It matters a little more that you called me "sissy" in the 11th grade, but looking at my life now, I don't care. Truly, equal footing with common ground, and a reason for celebration, cool cats.

So it was momentous today to meet for lunch at South Street Seaport in Manhattan with Suzzette—uniting Donna Mae from Lynchurg, meese from Brooklyn and Suz from the Jersey shore—to utilize that bond to become "new" friends, um, all over again. We really had a blast, talking a bit about Person 1,2,3,4,5 and so on from those days, but also discovering who we have become in the years since. And that's where the real magic transported us into the future. A truly meaningful connect, based on history... It didn't hurt a bit that all three of us look quite a bit better than we did so many years ago. Nothing like being a late bloomer.