Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"The Back-Up Plan": J-Lo & Alex O'Loughlin

Poor Jennifer Lopez. As Zoe in upcoming flick "The Back-Up Plan," her bio-clock is ticking, but she's just too damn fugly to find a man. So believable! Five seconds after deciding to become a single mammer, she meets Stan, played by hunky Aussie actor Alex O'Loughlin.

Then, 40-year-old J-Lo and 30-year-old Alex boink, she gets pregnant and—oh, no!—is it a fling or are granny and hottie going to find true love!? I have no idea how this is going to turn out. And I guess I never will, since spending $12 for a wholly predictable, slightly embarrassing romantic comedy pairing an aging diva with a hunky upcoming young'un seems way forced, eh?