Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Din Din: All The Meat You Can Eat

For my birthday din din, I asked Ayhan to escort me to Plataforma Churrascaria in midtown, a Brazilian meat-fest. This is the kind of upscale joint that your waistline can only take once a year... You start at the "salad bar," with all sorts of grains and veges, along with an amazing asparagus risotto; then add such sides as delish cheese bread called pão de queijo; and then the parade of meat on skewers arrives: several cuts of beef, chicken, pork, lamb... It's remarkably good, if not overwhelming. Sadly, after 40 minutes, we had to call a cease fire. I wish I could have kept going all night.The only view I care to share of Ayhan & meese following that gutbuster.