Thursday, September 2, 2010

(Ruby) Tuesday With Trix

On Monday, Aug. 16, with my 30-year high school reunion packed away in the history books (and the pages of Facebook), I could put away the girdle and eat, baby, eat! Oh, all right, so it's not as if I was on a celery mesquite and vodka & watermelon diet in the weeks preceding... but I was ready to meet Trix Moose for a feast fit for two queens: the salad bar at Lynchburg's Ruby Tuesdays.

Salad bar? Feast? Yes ma'am. Ruby Tuesday offers one of the nation's only remaining
all-you-can-eat throw-downs, and I know how to put it away, one plate after another, oh, yes. It may look petite, but by the time I load up on greens, eggs, peas, croutons, carrots, cheese, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and a smite of dressing, only a fool would dare deem this a dietary delight.

Duty done, with a major chat-fest served on the side, Trix and I waddled our way to discounter Ollie's, where we giggled until we belched salad bits... grand time.On another occasion during the week in Lynchburg, I must admit I sinned—big-time. With Donna Mae Moose, I could not control my impulses to indulge in that which does not exist in New York: Long John Silvers!

Two chicken planks, hush puppies, fries and crumblies—with god almighty free soda refills. That is elation of the fast food kind.