Thursday, September 23, 2010

'SS' Bans Katy Perry's Boobs From Tube

What a world, what a world... An adorable song parody featuring Katy Perry singing "Hot 'N Cold" with Sesame Street's Elmo has been pulled from its broadcast schedule (who knew it was still on the air?) because some tightass parents complained about her cleavage. Imagine: A woman with breasts. For shame!! SS bowed to the malcontents because it says the show is aimed at preschoolers... as if they know that breasts are anything but food... Good god almighty. (See full size video on YouTube here.)

I can only imagine the fallout to come when gay couple Mitchell and Cameron on ABC's "Modern Family" are shown kissing in the Sept. 29 episode. Two men showing affection. It's the end of civilized society, for sure.