Sunday, September 12, 2010

Target Disses Gays; Stocks, 'Buzz' Plummet

If there's one thing any millennial brand should know: Don't fuck with queens. Since Target donated $150,000 in late July to homo-hater politico Tom Emmer, the company lost one-third of its buzz score over 10 days, based on Brandweek's BrandIndex Report, a weekly consumer perception report that analyzes brand perceptions.

But more important, Target Corp. depleted $1.3 billion in stock market capitalization, a 3.5% decline in its shares, since the controversy raised such a ruckus.

In total, the buying power of the LGBT community was $759 billion in 2009. Funding homophobic political candidates in not only shameful, but gay folks are simply not going to stand for such bullshit anymore. I've not set foot in Target since, and have no plans to spend a dime there. It's easy enough to direct my money elsewhere, and you can bet your bottom dollar I shall.