Sunday, September 26, 2010

Same Old Story: Homophobic Hypocrisy

Here we go again... The loudest, most vicious public officials who decry equal rights for gays so often have something to hide: their own shameful private life of homosexuality, typically coercive if not outright predatory.

The latest homophobe to be proven a hypocrite hit the front page of The New York Times today: Bishop Eddie L. Long, a Georgia holy roller whose Missionary Baptist Church has made him a multi-millionaire and a favorite among equally small-minded Republican politicos.

Three, then four and today, five members of a youth group he operates—which charges $500 to enroll—have accused him of repeatedly coercing them into homosexual sex acts, including kissing, rubbing and sleeping together—calling it "part of their spiritual journey"—while using church money to bribe them with cash, cars and lavish trips.

Bishop Long, who promotes himself a social conservative, regularly shouts out from his pulpit anti-gay epithets, rallies against gay marriage and promotes seminars promising to “cure” homosexuals. Seems he needs to enroll in one of those himself, since the sick bastard's own self-loathing has prompted him to take advantage of innocent young men. For shame.