Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maggie Gallagher: So Much Self-Loathing I'm Almost Sympathetic

In an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network, anti-gay zealot and National Organization for Marriage chairman Maggie Gallagher threatened that the fight to overturn New York's marriage equality law is "gonna be a bloody mess" by the time they are finished. What a loving Christian sentiment...

The pugnacious woman (get it, see that nose? Oink!) has her panties in a major wad after this weekend's Marriage Equality Act was joyously celebrated across the state, with no major descent from its citizens. NOM had planned anti-gay rallies across the state Sunday, but retreated when it was clear that nobody else gives a shit. The organization avoided Manhattan altogether and kept their protest in Albany.

The fabulous thing is that Gallagher blames Republicans for passage of New York's Marriage Equality Act. "The party will pay a grave price," she threatened in June. You go, girl! Let's defeat those Republicans and get more Democrats in office!

Of course, Gallagher is the same freakazoid who believes the sole purposes of marriage are procreation and rearing children—so of course she is horrified by queers getting married. She has compared battling same-sex marriage to the fall of communism and says marriage equality means "losing American civilization."

Honestly, where do these people come from and why are they so impassioned about controlling everybody else's lives? Perhaps it has to do with her own self loathing. Gallagher has only one son with her husband since 1993, in addition to a bastard child she had out of wedlock. Meanwhile, she is a staunch supporter of abstinence before marriage. My god, the kettle is blacker than the damn pot.

The fact is, all of the yammering about overturning Marriage Equality in New York is hogwash. Such a measure would have to pass both houses of legislature in two consecutive sessions, which, at the earliest, means 2015. If 58% of New Yorkers approve of same-sex marriage in 2011, does she not realize how public opinion is going to evolve four years from now?

Honey, hang it up. Your time would be better spent holding Michele Bachmann's hand when her closet queen husband Marcus inevitably is caught with another man.