Friday, July 22, 2011

Rodiney Santiago At NYC's Industry Bar For Brian Kent Vid Release

Oh, Rodiney... dear, handsome, rock-solid Brazilian Rodiney... What a road we have traveled together. After the world discovered you on Logo's A List: New York, immediately you stood out as the sweet, humble one on the show, which sadly, often focuses on the queeny, bitchy side of queer NYC.

It wasn't long before your modeling portfolio became a favorite of The Smoking Nun, with your proclivity toward micro briefs and Speedos. In November 2010, I even met you at the release party for your 2011 calendar. You were genuinely a nice man.

At the end of the year, we named you, Rodiney, The Smoking Nun's 2010 Most Beautiful Man Alive, and you have not disappointed in the months since, always sharing beautiful new shots on your webbie, which we are more than happy to display on the Nun. At the time, I wrote...

"Really, there was little question that Rodiney Santiago would be named The Smoking Nun's Most Beautiful Man Alive for 2010. He is pistol packing every variable on my homo checklist: dark eyes, full lips, beautiful teeth, dreamy bod that could make a washcloth look like a designer garment—and a sweet, humble demeanor that makes Logo's "The A List" worth at least fast forwarding through. You just want to hug the dude... and go from there."

So it was great to see you again, Rodiney, this week at gay club Industry in Hell's Kitchen, where you appeared with a handful of your A List comrades, including Mike Ruiz, who directed the new music video for Brian Kent's fab, fun new single "Su-Su-Su-Superstar." Oh, yeah, that's the reason for the event.

Also in attendance: Billboard No. 1 recording artist and pal Sylvia Tosun & Anton Bass, hit dance act Reina, adult film star Johnny Hazzard and many many beautiful gay New Yorkers. Ooh la la!
 Above collage: Andrew Werner.