Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Walk In The Park: Union Square

Ah, how I love summers in New York, relishing every warm day... because heaven knows before I can blink three times, it will be cold and snowy again in this increasingly arctic city. No, really.

Earlier this week, I took a walk through Union Square Park, from 14th to 16th streets, snapping away at New Yorkers doing what we love best when it's climate-friendly: hanging, people watching and soaking up our urban green spaces.

Union Square Park opened in 1839, and includes the oldest sculpture in all of New York's parks, a bronze equestrian statue of first U.S. Prez George Washington (right and below). It was dedicated in 1865.Along with Washington, Union Square's other ornaments include the Marquis de Lafayette (1876), the James Fountain (1881), Abraham Lincoln (1870), the Temperance Fountain figure of Charity and a gruesome statue of Mahatma Gandhi, added in 1986.Held four days a week since 1976, the Union Square Greenmarket offers an outlet for regional family farmers to sell fruits, vegetables & other farm products, and for New Yorkers to pay exorbitant prices for their wonderful wares.