Thursday, July 14, 2011

So Just How Long Does It Take To Put Together A Major Nun Post?

Cool cats, ever wonder how long it takes to put together posts such as the New York Vintage tome on Bloomingdale's below? Why, thanks for asking.

For this one, I began assembling the history of the department store from its official webbie, then scoured dozens of my fave bookmarked New York vintage blogs for color, another bunch through Google searches and a tiny portion of factoids from Wikipedia. All of that info is dumped into a master file.

Photos were then collected from 17 various sources, including blogs, Flickr, the New York Public Library's digital collection and more bookmarked vintage sites I rely upon.

Then I begin writing the entry, trying to compact what could be tediously boring into some semblance of stylized narrative. That took 90+ minutes. Next, the grand task of creating collages, cropping and polishing photos on Picasa took three hours. Then, the most irksome undertaking: designing the post through dozens and dozens of trial and error attempts, before it  appears on The Smoking Nun.

At last, proofed and proofed again, I typically schedule it to magically appear at 12:01 a.m. on the blog for your reading enjoyment. All that... and you likely spend about 15 seconds looking at the photos, right? Oh, the pain, the agony. All the same, it keeps my writing skills razor sharp and persistently makes me a more savvy designer. And yet most visitors would still rather see hot dudes... Hey, whatever keeps you coming. Hugs. =CT=