Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Spam A Day Keeps The Spell Check Away

My heart was warmed this morning by this loving email from Charles Precious, whose sister is in a terrible state... as is his command of the English language. I always say, even spam needs spell check!

I shall be draining my bank account so that he may purchase a Berlitz course. And don't worry about where I'm going to get the cash. This morning I won no fewer than five global lotteries. What a wonderful world (you know, except for Mr. Precious' predicament).

* Congratulation You Won £750,000.00 in this years Lottery...
* Your E-MAIL ID has won you (£1,350,000.00GBP) in the Irish Lottery...
* Your Sum payout of £1,350,000.00 GBP. Contact Mrs.Monica Dickson...
* Staff & Management of EURO MILLIONS LOTTERY are pleased to announce you as one of 3 lucky winners in this year's EURO MILLIONS LOTTERY draw held
on the 29th of JULY 2011, in Kiev,Ukraine... (fascinating, a crystal ball win!)

Good day sir, madam:

Am Charles Precious a personality who mother nature decided to treat badly. Being the eldest of my parent having five siblings who could not afford school.

What about my lovely parents who i loved and cherish so much, oh what a painful world they were also taken by the cold hands of death and left me and my siblings to suffer in this cruel world and now my little sister had an accident and lie in coma. the doctor refuse to attend to her because i have no money to deposit to the hospital.

OH WHAT A WICKED AND HELP WORLD. oh please God send me a helper who will save my sister. Except for you reading my mail because left us suffer alone in this world where people are full of wickedness.

With due respect i waiting your reply. please lest i forget i don't even have money to visit the internet because of poverty.
Yours Faithful, Charles Precious