Sunday, July 17, 2011

New York City Streetscapes (The Merits Of Organic Art)

Saturday bragging rights: It's impossible to not find art on every corner of this grand city. From midtown down to Chelsea on the West Side.
 The Dandelion Fountain outside of the Alliance Capital Building in midtown.
Fascinating. Tekserve, the city's leading indie Mac shop, had a recycling day for decrepit equipment Saturday. It looked like a computer graveyard.Inside Tekserve... Kitsch from New York's past.
Rickshaw driver, midtown. We're a friendly sort in this city.
Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture on Sixth Avenue in the West 50s. Apparently the original in Philly pales by comparison... natch!
 Hot guy... looks like art to me!
Magazine vendor... Decidedly NYC. Yup, art!
New restaurant Crossbar in Chelsea, located in the former Limelight club. Yes, indeed, that is a pig on a spit. Art? Not as sure.