Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Future Of The Music Business @ New York's 'New Music Seminar'

As I've mentioned previously, cool cats, the past six weeks have been consumed with a wondrous freelance project for the 2012 New Music Seminar, as editor of its 150-page Guidebook. Deadline met! The convention takes place this coming Sunday, June 17 through Tuesday, June 19, and I hope to live blog from the premises... or at least offer reports of the goings on throughout its duration. I will also be filing regular reports with RadioInfo.com.

The NMS is truly the gold standard of the new music industry, with more than 160 speakers addressing the future of the biz, including Pandora, Spotify, SoundExchange, Clear Channel's iHeartRadio, YouTube and so many more; as well as Grammy winners Wyclef Jean, Desmond Child, Bob Ludwig, Peter Asher, Ron Fair, Andy Wallace and Rico Love.

This is the one music industry convention where you're not going to be hearing the same old woe-is-me tales from dusty veterans that continue to focus on age-old platforms in an effort to appeal to millennial music fans. Forget about suing those dastardly individuals who dare to swipe songs online. How can forward-thinking companies inspire consumers to spend their hard-earned $$ on quality music that is readily available—and ultimately monetize those players that have an eye (and ear) on the digital future?

The NMS is commandeered by its co-founder & president Tom Silverman, who is also founder & chairman of Tommy Boy; and executive director Dave Lory (right), who have spent decades in the label and artist management sides of the biz... celebrating its heyday and then witnessing the standard model collapse. Their focus for NMS is clearly focused on tomorrow. Tom's mandate for the 2012 gathering: "Appetite for Disruption." Hear that, Clive?

Stand by as The Smoking Nun regains its mojo after several weeks of admittedly slim pickings. We're back in full force, with a rejuvenated focus on radio, music, artists and the industry that fueled my years at Billboard.

Admittedly, these past couple months have taken a slight toll, as I've been holed away in near total isolation, between duties for RadioInfo.com, the Brooklyn Heights Blog and NMS. But I'd say the changes are ever so slight, right? See you soon... and much more often (again), cool cats. Thanks for standing by. *