Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NMS Day III: And That's A Wrap

Man, oh, man. So much for a break in the week... Back to freelance, with a new quick gig... I'll let the photos from Monday and Tuesday at the New Music Seminar speak for themselves... *Tom Silverman intros keynoter Bob Pittman, CEO of Clear Channel.Heavy hitters, including Warner Music chief Lyor Cohen.Scenes from the crowd: the delegates of NMS 2012.Below, the Manager's Movement, including my mad crush from NMS, third from right, Ash Pournouri from At Night Management.Below, Justin Timberlake... uh, Sean Parker is interviewed by Tom Silverman.Artists panel, including Wyclef Jean in red.Tom's closing remarks... And finally, the announcement of the winner of $150,000 in goods and services from NMS for the Artist On the Verge winner: Maren Morris, a fiery singer-songwriter from Arlington, Texas. *