Saturday, June 9, 2012

Webbie Of The Day: The Clever Offerings At Decal Designer 'Blik'

But I can dream, can't I? I just re-discovered a page I ripped out of a home magazine way back in Winter 2008(!) for a company called Blik, and its vinyl decal Grandfather Clock, one of the most clever home accessories I've seen. In fact, now that I have a dime or two in my pocket, I'm seriously considering making the investment... And who'd believe it's still available four years later. Act now, before it's too late, right?

I'm also loving the decal headboards below (despite the fact that that's the last thing I need, thanks to Dear Genevieve).

The entire webbie for the array of home goods at, in fact, offers so many unique and clever accessories that I've totally redecorated my apartment—in my head. Blik creates removable wall graphics, in lieu of the irritating task of applying wallpaper or worse, painting with decals and multiple colors of paint. They also allow you to create custom coverings. Soooo cool. *