Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NYC Pride Sunday: Civil Rights For The Masses

While some 1.5 million folks partook in Sunday's annual Gay Pride Parade and festivities—one year after the state of New York's monumental legalization of same-sex marriage and weeks after President Obama's support for civil rights—I decided to sit this one out. Oh, believe you me, I'm out & proud (read the Smoking Nun a time or two? Yeah, you get it), but this was a year for me to let the kids and couples have their fun. The pic above right is all the action I saw as I arrived in the city around 6 p.m.

All the same, I celebrated at longtime bud Larry D's post-Pride party in Manhattan, with Leo in tow and pal Alex visiting from Washington (and let me state for the record: Even though Alex is straight, I think nothing less of him for it). Let's have a look at the night, shall we? *