Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Star Is Born: Meet Brenton Thwaites From 'Blue Lagoon' Remake

I'm not convinced that Blue Lagoon, the 1980 film starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins (where he teaches himself to yank on his winkie, in a career-defining scene) ever needed to be remade, but if there's a net to handle it, why not Lifetime, the ultimate in cheese whiz flicks.

This Saturday, June 16, the channel premieres Blue Lagoon: The Awakening, starring precious Aussie newcomer Brenton Thwaites as the dude and Indiana Evans as the gal. Denise Richards plays her mamer, while (a weathered) Chris Atkins makes a cameo. (I sure hope he'll sing a chorus or two of his almost-hit "How Can I Live Without You" from The Pirate Movie.

Unlike the original, where Brooke and Chris are little tykes when they are shipwrecked on a deserted isle, Emma and Dean are high school students on a class trip to Trinidad. They don't like each other a bit. Blah blah and they end up on the island all alone. Eventually they learn to like each other... a lot. Scenes from filming and publicity shots reveal that a star is born: Thwaites has the goods to be a new-generation teen idol, for sure.

Next up, he's hitting the big time, playing the Young Prince in 2014 film Maleficient, starring Angelina Jolie. The Blue Lagoon trailer is right 'chere for your convenience, cool cats. *