Sunday, June 17, 2012

With Pesky Decision In The Open, Obama An 'Advocate' For Equality

At last... Now that President Barack Obama has shown he's a true leader by coming out in support of a controversial platform—same-sex marriage—he's embracing the gay$ like never before. In the past, the Prez has always appeared to be an ally, although his obsession of trying to please everybody in the room proved him less the leader than we thought in 2008.

Now, with more than 50% of the nation in support of equality for gay marriage, Obama has become an outright advocate for allowing Americans to share the rights of all others...

It's too bad that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden beat him to the punch, but I'm damn proud that our nation's leader has taken the risk to at last speak what's on his mind.

On Friday, after a day of fundraising in New York—including an evening at the home of Sarah Jessica Parker and hubby Matthew Broderick—Obama promised a group of gay activists that he would be their "fellow advocate" as long as he is in the White House. The occasion was an LGBT Pride Month reception in the East Room.

While he has claimed for years that his views on gay marriage have been "evolving," now Obama is obviously pretty damn proud of himself: "Americans may be still evolving when it comes to marriage equality. But as I've indicated, Michelle and I have made up our minds on this issue."

Aides insist he'd always planned to come out in favor of equality, even before VP Joe Biden forced his hand. And heaven knows, it would have been an election issue come November—so why not get it the hell out of the way? And of course, it's still politics. It's always politics.

Obama continues: "We still have a long way to go, but we will get there because of you. As long as I have the privilege of being your President, I promise you, you won't just have a friend in the White House, you will have a fellow advocate for an America where no matter what you look like or where you come from or who you love, you can dream big dreams and dream as openly as you want."

Nice words, however tardy, but as they say, better late than never. *