Friday, June 22, 2012

This Weekend: NYC's Annual Gay Pride Weekend

This Sunday is New York's annual Gay Pride parade amid a mass of wondrous festivities. Last year was such a rush with my teen-age queer nephew Matty & his pal Jordan in tow... How I wish they could be here for the 2012 March... but somehow so much was packed into my schedule over the last month, I wasn't even sure I'd be attending the rally and accompanying events. Sigh...

I've no idea what's in store for the weekend. I'm attending a couple private parties and hope to participate in the march, but I must admit, much has changed over the past year. Last June, I was happily partnered, just as same-sex marriage passed in New York state. Now single, the whole affair has a bittersweet taste for me. Truly.

Certainly there is much to celebrate as I compare how different things were when I came out in 1985 versus the liberation and political prowess that has evolved with the decades... and god knows I'm as loud & proud as ever, open as a mature gay man to the world at large. And yet... yet. Hmmm. That's all I can muster.

In the mean time, I sure hope John Travolta has a liberating Gay Pride. Perhaps he will at last decide to come out, ending decades of self loathing. Dude, we're all so past that. Come out, come out, because the nation has become a much more accepting place since you were a young, struggling star. And that goes for one and all. Unless you're living in the deepest homophobic regions of the Bible belt, there's no excuse not to be who you are anymore. Cool cats, the road has been paved by the generations before you: Now take advantage and live your lives to the fullest. *