Sunday, May 13, 2012

William Levy Preps For Monday's Semi Finals on 'DWTS'

William Levy & partner Cheryl Burke are "rehearsing like crazy" for next week's round on Dancing With The Stars, according to a Tweet from the Smoking Nun's Sexiest Man Alive. Come Monday, May 14, they will perform the Tango and Samba.

Last week, the couple received their first perfect 30/30 score of the season. Levy is now, of course, in the final stretch as the final four inch closer to the mirror ball trophy, alongside athlete Donald Driver, generic TV personality Maria Menounos and Welsh Barbie doll Katherine Jenkins.

Buddy TV offers the following analysis of the finalists: Donald Driver: Donald has been one of the most solid performers of Dancing with the Stars Season 14. He has the strength and agility to dance just about anything, and he looks great doing it. On top of this, the guy has an obviously positive attitude that makes fans happy.

Maria Menounos: For all of the "comeback kid" adoration thrown at other competitors, Maria may be the true comeback story of the season. She started out as a so-so dancer and received lots of criticism in her first weeks. Then that criticism slowly gave way to praise. Scores climbed. And, in week 7, Maria and her partner Derek scored the first 30 of Dancing with the Stars season 14. Maria could very well win the whole thing, if she keeps going like this.

William Levy: One word: sex. Some people are just sexy, and William Levy is living proof of this. But sexy alone wouldn't be enough. Fortunately for him, William can also dance. He is rarely the best out there, but most of the performances have ranged from solid to exceptional. And did I mention that he's sexy?

Katherine Jenkins: The biggest "Who?" of Dancing with the Stars has earned her spot in the semi-finals the hard way: She is an incredible dancer. Helped by her easy partnership with Mark Ballas and her shy-but-friendly charm, Katherine has succeeded primarily by being the best dancer over the weeks. Even when she has a "bad" week, Katherine gets decent scores. But most of her weeks are good. And below, a lovely webbie collage from Will's latest commercial for Lay's Potato Chips. Crunch! *